Dear friends!

Covid 19 has had a major impact not only on the human interaction, but also on the way we organise the activities for all projects. The teachers and the students, however, are very creative and therefore we will continue with the challenges for all project teams.

We have started a new stage – Maths and Art.

 Mrs. Ana Munteanu, Arts teacher in our highschool, periodically introduces us all to a new representative painter and a theme. The students in our school produce and present their personal works related to the proposed theme.   

The first artist and theme that have been presented to the students was Victor Vasarely and the op-art concept. Some highlights of his activity, as well as some student creations connected to the main theme proposed by the teacher are being presented next.

Here are the challenges for each team:

1.   Create artworks in accordance with the painter’s theme.

2.   Choose another representative of the visual arts; make a brief presentation of his/her activity, which you will post on the platform.

3.   Each group will create works which fit the artist’s theme.

We are convinced that your time will be spent in a very pleasant way, with relevant mathematical significance.

 We wish you good luck and good health!

                                                                                        Romanian Team